Evo 10 Performance Parts

Here is a collection of some of the latest performance modifications for the Evolution X

Brake Air Duct

Brake air duct for enhanced front brake cooling.

Carbon Engine Cover

Direct replacement engine cover, manufactured from 100% carbon fibre with Lancer Evolution logo.

Carbon Fibre Front Strut Brace

Lightweight carbon fibre wrapped front strut brace.

Carbon Fibre Slam Panel

Manuafactured from 100% carbon fibre. As a direct replacement for the original slam panel to enhance under bonnet styling.

Front Strut Brace

Aluminium replacement strut brace with Lancer Evolution badge. Saves 1.7 kg.

Hks, Drager Exhaust

Drager rear exhaust (Standard on FQ-330 and FQ-360). *Not suitable for SST models

Hks, Front Pipe

Front Pipe (Standard fit on FQ-300/360) *Not suitable for SST models

Hks, Intercooler Piping Kit

Intercooler piping kit (Standard fit on FQ-330/360 models) *Not suitable for SST models

Hks, Racing Suction Pipe

Racing suction pipe (Standard fit on FQ-330/360) * Not suitable for SST models

Hks, Sports Catalyzer

Sports catalyzer (Standard on FQ-330/360 models) * Not suitable for SST models

Hks, Super Hybrid Air Filter

Super hybrid air filter (Standard fit on FQ-330/360) *Not suitable for SST models

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